The University

Mohamed I University (MIU) was created in 1978. It has ten higher education institutions (five faculties and three specialized schools) Faculty of Sciences, Faculty of Legal Sciences Economic and Social, Faculty of Arts and Humanities, Multidisciplinary Faculty of Nador, Faculty of Medicine and PharmacyHigh School of Technology, National School of Applied Sciences of Oujda, National School of Business and Management.

MIU aims to train students to do research in varied areas: sciences, law, literature, history, geography, languages, management, economic sciences, technology and engineering sciences.

 MIU’s students’ capacity is estimate at 69 904 (statistics of 2018/2019) spread over three different sites: Oujda, Nador and Al-Hoceima.  It employs 929 faculty and 476 administrative and technical staff. With all its leverage (research, training, education), MIU hopes to contribute in the development of the region and the country as a whole.  It is is equipped as follows:

  • Research structures providing a high level of technological equipment,
  • Research centers federating several activities to promote the transfer of technology.

The collaboration between the University and its environment, in various forms, has experienced a real boost in recent years. Many projects have brought the institution closer to its socio-economic environment; mainly because of its orientations, in recent years, to create structures capable of boosting contacts with local businesses. These structures have become real communication channels responding to the expectations of the socio-economic sectors.

A tradition of international collaboration has been anchored in our university for a long time in the form of international agreements with higher education institutions, agencies and organizations. The MIU Research department ensures the follow up of these partnerships.  Some of these agreements include: Scientific collaboration, development projects, exchanges of doctoral students and professors, etc.

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