Training offered by the UMP

    The primary goal of MIU is to provide quality education in keeping with the needs of society. To this effect it has over 97 accredited courses in varied fields such as Arts, Literature, Languages, Humanities and Social Sciences, Law, Economics, Management, Science, Technology, Health.

    In order to prioritize a training that is customized to the needs of the community, MIU proposes more than 154 degrees in different domains such as Arts, Letters, Languages, Human and Social Sciences, Law, Economics, Management, Sciences, Technology, Health. Each program indicates the courses and training activities that each student should follow to be awarded a certain degree by the end. It has objectives in terms of skills and competences that the would-be graduate should have acquired by the end of the training. The University programs are elaborated within academic and pedagogic norms which autonomizes the student by the end. The Degrees (UTD, Licences, Masters, Engineering Degrees, Doctorates and Certificates) offered by the 10 Schools of the MIU to the would-be students are presented in the menu displayed above.

   This program has been elaborated for training purposes and it integrates the various university degrees. This also means that Certificates and Attestations, given as in-service training, are adapted and dedicated to adults who are engaged in the socio-professional life.

   The slogan we put forward is that “getting better information is the first step toward a successful academic life”.

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