Students' Information and Orientation Center (CIOVE)

University Health Center

As part of its policy, aimed at improving health conditions of the students during their studies, MIU, and in partnership with the Delegation of the Ministry of Health, has created two Healthcare centers:

  • One located on Campus closer to the Faculty of Arts and the Faculty of Science, and open to all the student population enrolled at MIU;
  • A second one located closer to the Residence Hall, open to students residing there.

These centers have the following objectives:

  • Medical examination of the students and residents,
  • Medical consultation,
  • Medical care and paramedical,
  • Orientation towards the specialized medical consultation,
  • Control of the hygiene state of the academic institutions,
  • Health education,
  • Organization of awareness campaigns and health information (Stress issue, Introduction to first aid, etc.)
  • Medical assistance to students with disabilities,

Control of the state of food hygiene and safety within the University.


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