Call for applications - IRESEN - INNO ESPAMAROC ENERGY

Launch of the first annual joint call for projects between IRESEN and CDTI for the year 2018 in the field of renewable energies, energy efficiency and green technologies for the financing of collaborative projects supported by Moroccan and Spanish universities and companies.

- Considering the law 01.00 on the organization of higher education, in particular article 20;

- In accordance with Dahir n ° 1.12.20 of 27 Shaaban 1433 (July 17, 2012) promulgating the Organic Law n ° 12.02 on the appointment to the higher positions in application of the provisions of articles 49 and 92 of the Constitution;

The President of the University Mohammed Premier Oujda informs Professors of Higher Education announces that the call for applications is open for the positions of:

- Dean of the Multidisciplinary Faculty of Nador.

Applications can be picked up at the headquarters of the University Mohamed Premier, or from the university website: from 03 December 2018 to 07 December 2018 during the following working hours:

From 9h to 12h and from 15h to 18h

The duly submitted applications (six (06) copies, plus a copy in electronic format -CD) are sanctioned by a voucher.  The submission deadlines are fixed as follows:  from January 07, 2019 to January 11, 2019 at the address and times indicated above.

NB: The date of submission of the applications will be extended until January 14, 2019 since January 11, 2019 is a Holiday. "

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